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Our hosts in Miltenberg, Bürgstadt and Kleinheubach extend a warm welcome to you!
The three main towns Miltenberg, Bürgstadt and Kleinheubach are right on the river Main, with Miltenberg and Bürgstadt merge with each other. Miltenberg’s incorporated villages Berndiel, Breitendiel, Mainbullau, Monbrunn, Schippach and Wenschdorf, as well as the Geisenhof are more rural and are a little bit away, quaintly located between forest, meadows and fields. You will find Breitendiel in the valley of the Mud (pronounced “mood”), a little tributary to the Main river, the other villages are about 300 meters uphill above the town “on the hights”, as we say here, which means they enjoy the first sunlight in the morning.

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