Intangible cultural heritage since 2014.

Be it mundane music or church music, whether the repertoire is classic or modern – choirs are part of our everyday lives. For many of our inhabitants they are an important part of their spare time activities or “just” an enjoyable hobby.

The church choirs often accompany the church services quite impressively – especially (but not only) for the solemnities. But all choirs also have performances of their own.

Those performances that take place in Miltenberg, Bürgstadt or Kleinheubach are listet in our event calendar.

The choirs are:

Melomania Miltenberg

Vereinigter Sängerbund Liederkranz Bürgstadt

Canta Nova Kleinheubach

The church choirs:

Katholische Kirchenmusik

Evangelische Kirchenmusik

The biennial International Choir Competition arranged by the Administrative District of Miltenberg emphasizes the high standard of our choir music.