Between 1815 and 1835, Friedrich Karl Streiter (1780–1850), the princely constructional advisor, architect, and master builder created some exemplary monuments in the classicistic style. This stylistic resort to antique, strictly segmented designs, contrasts strongly with excessive baroque and dainty Rococo. This is rather apparent in numerous (parts of) buildings in Kleinheubach which originate from Streiter. Despite being rather cold and down-to-earth, the wide and high main staircase inside the palace easily blends in. The lengthy servants’ quarters were built between 1819 and 1825, and had several features: Two entrances towards the Fahrgasse, the palace pharmacy at the Mainstreet, and the octagonal Schell’s house located at the side entrance to the park are classicistic. Representative for Friedrich Streiter are Egyptian style settings which were influenced by Napoleon’s Egyptian military campaign: At the palace yard the so called Ice cellar with a temple staffage and a sphinx; close to the entrance area of the synagogue, rather dominantly nearby the mikvah, and also at the street front of the Hofgarten.