Nr. on the small map: 2 (Kleinheubach)

Ferrymen would live in the Fahrgasse because at the end of the road, at the Main-River, the ferry was anchored, crossing over to Großheubach, from where the Eselsweg (Donkey Trail) crossed the Spessart connecting it to (Bad) Orb. Ferry rights had belonged to some families of Kleinheubach, assigned to them even before 1500. In 1974, the ferry service was discontinued due to a new bridge which was built connecting Klein- and Großheubach; even though a last ferryman partly offered services afterwards for passengers only. This well-maintained road still shows classicistic door frames with dates around 1800 and some older half-timbered houses. The road ends at the so called Fahrtor (a gate), which shows impressive high-water-markings, proving some catastrophic floods of the otherwise ponderous Main-River. Meandering along the Main-River you find footpaths from which you can catch several glimpses of the Engelberg Abbey.