Nr. on the small map: 17 (Miltenberg)

The spectacular natural monument Felsenmeer is situated above the Schnatterloch and is the product of geological processes which started around 245mil years ago.

At that time, the Odenwald used to be part of a semi-desert-like area. Red Sandstone formed from river sediments fossilizing millions of years. During Tertiary, about 50mil years ago, we were experiencing subtropical climate, leading to in-depth weathering of our ground level. Approximately 2.6mil years ago, the Ice Age started. The Odenwald of those days was located in the permafrost region, comparable to the tundra of today where mega ceros, wooly rhinoceros and mammoth roamed. In summer, the ground only thawed as deep as one meter. Then, the weathered material began to slide in slope areas. Caused by precipitations during warmer periods, the finer material was washed away and the bigger rocks remained. This is how the Felsenmeere of the Odenwald emerged which in fact are of different origin (the oldest being 340mil years old, in the Laudertal) though all formed by similar processes.

The Nature Barefoot Path is a pristine forest trail with small gravel, cones, leaves, soil, and everything else nature can offer when walking along a trail. Different play equipment invites you to explore. Together with our Mittelschule Miltenberg an art- and meditation path was set up, connecting the Ottostein with the scenic view point above the Mildenburg. The students of Mittelschule Miltenberg as well as independent artists regularly exhibit different art projects along the circular trail.

There are panels with easy to understand explanations in two languages along the Native Tree Trail.