Nr. on the small map: 10 (Bürgstadt)

Mainhölle (Main-hell) is the name of the quarries opposite of Bürgstadt which can be seen from the geopark culture trail. The Red Sandstone is bedrock for the flourishing of Bürgstadt’s wines and the resulting fortune. It facilitated the realization of the “Abundance of Images” inside the Martinskapelle. Starting point is at the hikers’ parking lot Stutz from where the culture trail leads you above Bürgstadt through its cultural landscape. The trails, offering lengths of 3 and 10km, can be found in more detail in the leaflet Wandern auf den Europäischen Kulturwegen.

The two trails (3 and 10 km) start at the town hall and are marked with a yellow “L” on a brown background. Further information can be found on the local hiking map available at the tourism information.