Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2014

No other country has such a broad variety of bread as Germany. We usually distinguish between white bread, Graubrot (“grey bread” made of rye or a mixture or rye and wheat) and brown bread. However, each of these categories also consists of countless varieties. A baker who knows his trade can easily turn “bread and water” to a real feast.

Keeping the German bread culture alive is easy with bakers as skilled as ours – each of them with his own strengths and specialties!

Try the bakeries Bäcker Bundschuh, Bäckerei Hench, Mayers Bäck – or even all three of them! One of them is sure to have your (future) favourite bread.

Did you know that there are bread sommeliers? One of the world’s first bread sommeliers is “our” Volker Mayer.

And even the English titles “Lord” and “Lady” derive from the Old English word for bread!