Nr. on the small map: 1 (Miltenberg)

The Romans already exploited Red Sandstone, needed for their forts around Miltenberg. Witnesses of this “Red-Sandstone-processing” during the Dark Ages were the so-called Heunesäulen which were carved from a block field at the Bullauer Berg, located between Miltenberg and Mainbullau. The five stately Red-Sandstone-pillars are 7m long and have a diameter of 1.10m. It is assumed that these pillars were meant to be elements of the Mainz Cathedral which was burnt and destroyed in 1009. Possibly they are even older, of Roman origin. Why the pillars were never shipped is unknown.

Besides samples, still present on site, you find further pillars of Miltenberg at the archeological state collection of Munich, inside the German National Museum of Nuremberg and on the Mainz Cathedral Square.

One pillar was set up next to the shipping pier of Miltenberg, nearby the bus stop Pfarrkirche. Who carved them when, and for which exact reason, might allow a lot of interpretation, but proceeds to be an unsolved mystery.