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The Hofgarten in Kleinheubach was built in 1812 for the family of the Prince of Löwenstein and was used as a riding arena until 1930. After that the hall was given to the Red Cross and later to the gymnastic club as a storage facility and a gym.
After 1945 this room was converted into a theatre and a cinema. In 1947 the “Katholischer Kirchenbauverein” (“catholic club for the construction of a church”) bought the facility. it was planned to turn this building into a church.
After the club was disbanded in 1963 the building passed into the ownership of the catholic parish community. From that time on the Hofgartensaal was used as a ballroom, for carnival revues and for municipal events like town hall meetings, senior citizens days and exhibitions. To keep it publicly accessible extensive renovation would have been necessary, so the parish community decided to sell it to the municipal administration.
In summer 1988 the town council decided to buy the Hofgarten. parish priest Franz Frömmel and mayer Holl signed a notary agreement.
The town administration has been owner of the hall since 1st October 1990.

In February 1991 the first talks regarding the further use of the Hofgarten hall were already held. It was to become a room for clubs; cultural events, theatre plays, concerts, balls and also private events were planned.
An invitation to tender was open for architects in 1993/94, to get the ball rolling after long years of discussions and waiting in vain for subsidies from the government. In October construction companies could be invited to tender, the ground breaking ceremony took place in January 1995.
The plans focussed on the existing structure. The task to place the bar and the rest rooms away from the hall was solved elegantly. Moving the entry to the town hall’s forecourt formed a new, central square surrounded by town hall, church, school and, of course, Hofgarten.
At the same time the extension made it possible to add a restaurant, the Hofgartenstube. The restaurant includes a beer garden and, in the basement two fully automated nine-pin bowling alleys.

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