Nr. on the small map: 11 (Kleinheubach)

The Jewish Cemetery is located northwest of Kleinheubach, in a forest towards Laudenbach and is easily accessed on foot from a parking lot. Previous to the existence of this cemetery 1730 onwards, the deceased Jews of Kleinheubach had been buried in Michelstadt. At the end of the 17th century and during the 18th century, members of the Jewish Communities of Erbach (Odenwald/Hesse), Laudenbach, Trennfurt and Worth, as well as Miltenberg, were laid to rest here. Tomb stones were predominantly made from the local red sandstone with Hebrew inscriptions. On the reversed side of later tomb stones the names of the deceased can be found in Latin letters. The historic and contemporary parts of the cemetery are laid out rectangularly and are protected by the Historic Association and Nature Conservation.

The association “Jüdisches Leben in Unterfranken – Biografische Datenbank e.V.” (“Jewish life in Lower Franconia – biographic database”) did not only collect the biographies of those Jews who became victims of the Shoah, but has also put together a list of those who lived in Kleinheubach. (Both links lead to German websites).