The local museum Kleinheubach is in the old railway station. The exhibition mainly shows objects with a relation to Kleinheubach, like household items from former times, but also consumer goods made in Kleinheubach. Especially worth seeing are the old stove by the company Wetzler, a piano by the company Hoerr, pottery by the company Scheurich as well as cloths made by Klein & Quenzer. Kleinheubach is also proud of the chain of the “Mee-Kuh” (“Cow of the Main River” named for the sound it made), a former type of chain boats on the Main river. But there are also findings of the Urnfield period as well as of the Roman period in the museum.

The museum doesn’t have any regular opening hours, but you are welcome to visit it on request. To do so, please contact Mr Arno Bauer, tel: +49(0)9371-6699164 or on his mobile phone: +49(0)162-7590207 (e-mail: of the local history society.

To visit the museum, please contact Mr Willi Olt, Tel. +49(0)9371-5558