Nr. on the small map: 10 (Kleinheubach)

The local museum, run by the History and Local Traditions Association, is located inside the old train station. You can admire an ancient blazed urn from the Urnfield Period, Roman coins, and additionally, some last centuries’ most common durables. Respectively to Kleinheubach, are an old kitchen stove, produced by former iron company Wetzler and some ceramic articles from the early days of the Scheurich Company. Kleinheubach is also proud of the chain of the “Mee-Kuh” (“Main River Cow” named for the sound it made), a former type of chain boats on the Main river.

The museum doesn’t have any regular opening hours, but you are welcome to visit it on request.

Sightseeing with Arno Bauer, chairman of the History and Local Traditions Association Kleinheubach, Tel. 09371-669 9164 or Cell 0162-7590 207. E-Mail: