The first document mentioning the castle Mildenburg dates back to the year 1226. The construction works, however, started at the end of the 12th century already. The castle was badly damaged during the Margrave Wars and in the Thirty Years War. In addition the Archbishop’s bailiff moved into the city centre in 1730. As a result of these events the Mildenburg castle lost its original significance. Due to the Final Recess of the Reichsdeputation the castle became property of the Prince of Leiningen in 1803. In 1808 it was already sold to the first private owner, councillor of the consistory Carl Gottlieb Horstig. Other private owners were to follow.

In 1979 the city administration of Miltenberg bought the castle. At that time only a small part was still habitable and the entire Mildenburg was in dire need of rehabilitation. In 2000 finally the idea was born to install a museum in the castle in cooperation with the diocese Würzburg. In 2010 the extensive rehabilitation works began, in July 2011 the Museum Burg Miltenberg was opened. The exhibition presents classic icons and contemporary art in a dynamic conceptual exchange. Here you can find works of among others Barlach, Beuys, Fräger, Lange, Lehnen, Morgner, Polke, Stötzer, Stoltz, Willikens.

The keep, which is 27 metres high, entices with an extraordinary sight of the Main valley. The romantic yard lets you have a rest. It is a place of calm and contemplation. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. Use the opportunity to unwind!

Museum Burg Miltenberg
63897 Miltenberg
Tel.: +49(0)9371-668504
Fax.: +49(0)9371-6698618

Opening Hours:

16th March to 1st November: Tue – Sun 11.00-17.30 h
2nd November to 15th March: Winter break
Guided tours can be offered outside opening hours as well