On the left hand side of the Marktplatz (market square) is one of the town’s most beautiful half-timbered houses. The “Alte Amtskellerei” (“The Provost’s Office”), as the building is also called, was built in 1542 by the Mainz Bailiff Bernhard von Hardheim in the late gothic style on an older building’s footing. In 1625 the house was bought for future use as the seat of the Mainz Electorate’s administration. It now houses the museum of the town of Miltenberg (Museum Stadt Miltenberg) with a a sumptuous, transregional collection including many precious objects.

The adjacent former Latin school, and a renaissance style garden offering a delightful view above the town are also part of the museum.

Architectural features of the museum are pointed out to visitors following the tour.

Regular events and special exhibitions make the visit even more worthwhile. The museum was awarded the Bavarian Museum Award and the Advancement Award of Lower Franconia.

Further detailed information on the museum can be found here! (German only)

Museum Stadt Miltenberg
Hauptstr. 169-175
63897 Miltenberg
Tel.: +49(0)9371-668504
Fax.: +49(0)9371-6698618
Opening hours:
16th March to 1st November: Tue – Sun 10.00-17.30 h
2nd November to 14th January: Wed – Sun 11.00-16.00 h
15th January to 15th March: Winter break
Guided tours are also available outside the opening hours.

A printed guide is available for €3.50 and €5.00