Nr. on the small map: 8 (Bürgstadt)

The Old Parish Church is favorably picked for weddings and baptisms. Throughout summer, one Holy Mass a week is celebrated. The small door towards the south side is open daily. St. Margareta is very often considered patroness saint in rural communities, as her holiday, July 13th, occurs during the lighter work period before harvesting commences. The architectural history of the Old Parish Church can be found on the exterior. Nave and tower date back to the early 13th century. Around 1490, the vestry was added, in 1585, the tower was built higher. The increasing population required adding a nave aisle in 1608 and an extension to the west in 1750. The resulting asymmetry of this architectural history is discernible when being inside.

The entire interior fittings date almost exclusively back to the 18th century. In the old church yard especially the crucifixion group of 1613 stands out which was constructed by the wealthy master baker Leonhard Schneider for himself and his wife. He died in 1614, while in 1627, his wife was sentenced to the stake at the age of 82 years, accused of being a witch; therefore her data on the right-hand side of the stone is missing. Between 1580 and 1720, further grave slabs were embedded in the walls of the old church yard, whereas in the north eastern corner commemorative plaques for the victims of both world wars were established. Up till 1901, these walls enclosed the whole church precinct, which had served as a cemetery until 1823.

Take a detour to the former Parish Garden, nowadays altered into a Rose Garden, inviting you to take a rest.