Nr. on the small map: 13 (Kleinheubach)

Formerly, a main courtyard with fences, a gate, and a sentry box surrounded the three wings of the palace and both dependences. Throughout the 19th century, this strictly centered alignment was rearranged. In front of the palace a sloped meadow with a new access was formed; however the entrance was relocated towards the village, facing the Hirschplatz. The accompanying colossal, red sandstone lions are works by sculptor Heinrich Philipp Sommer (1778–1827), Hanau. The park, resembling a landscaped garden, was laid out 1816-18, surrounds the palace and stretches towards Miltenberg. Its meadows with generous sight lines and groups of partly exotic trees, mixed with the indigenous vegetation along the Main River banks, are appealing. During 2017-19, around 150 trees from all continents were planted and several flower and bee meadows were created. The trees carry on the tradition of the park. At the same time they are part of a trial in times of climate change, collecting data on which species will survive extreme weather escapades. The English Park is open to public and you can treat yourself with a longish walk; the neighboring vineyard estate, the immediate vicinity of the palace, and the park scenery are all part of the private residence.  A lawn next to the orangery is host to Lilli Chapeau’s summer theater (see #14).