Nr. on the small map: 13 (Miltenberg)

The St. Jakobus-Church had already existed since the early days of Miltenberg in 1300 but has continuously been reconstructed and enlarged. Its last fundamental interior renovation, where the inside of the church was redesigned, concluded in 2004. Still present are, e.g. the 14th century pillars at the central nave, the Three Kings from around 1400, the so-called Backoffen-Cross from around 1500, and the alabaster altar piece from 1624, as well as the pulpit of Zacharias Juncker from 1635. The depiction of Mary, originally in the pilgrimage chapel Maria uff den Staffeln which was demolished in 1825, is singled out in a side chapel. The classicistic towers of 1830 crucially determine the town’s image.

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