Nr. on the small map: 14 (Miltenberg)

A lot of towns and communities have mocking or nicknames which nowadays are being used during Carnival season. Citizens of Miltenberg are the “Staffelbrunser” (Stair Pee-ers: Brunsen being the local dialect for peeing) and with the similarity of Brunsen and Brunnen, people think of the so-called Staffelbrunnen (Stair Well). Even though there are lots of legends trying to explain the nickname, the most reasonable explanation is that those fetching water from the “Stair Well” (# 22) were called the Stair Pitchers. At some point this nickname was used for all citizens of Miltenberg and spoofed into Stair Pee-ers. The well was created by Helmut Kunkel, an Aschaffenburg sculptor by order of the Tourism Board Miltenberg, which merged a bit later into “MCity Trade and Tourism Board Miltenberg”. The statues represent different characters: the Glee (Tiny), the Gross (Tall) and the Angeber (Show off)