Offers for River Cruise Companies

Miltenberg is a great stop for river cruises: You will find a beautiful, historic city centre, exciting museums and numerous opportunities for the stay. Cruise ship passengers regularly rate Miltenberg as one of the highlights along the way – in spite of, or perhaps even because of its small size.

On this page we have put together the most popular offers.

Guided tours of the town

Hardly any ship will call at Miltenberg without booking a guided tour for the passengers.The “classic guided tour” is the most versatile and flexible tour, but some other guided tours may also appeal to cruise ship passengers.

The “classic guided tour” is offered in a variety of languages (English, for single groups also in French, Finnish, Russian or Danish), the “market-woman”, the “culinary tour” and the “River Main” can be booked in English for one group at a time. All other guided tours are only available in German.

Special terms and conditions apply to cruise ships. When making a firm booking please confirm that you accept them.

Guided Tours of the Museums

The guided tours you can book in the museums are just as diverse as the exhibitions there. There is something for everyone – from a general overview to various themed tours (everyday life, the renaissance garden, Jewish history, toys, icons and contemporary art, combined tours and many more). Many of of these guided tours are available in English.


No cruise without the opportunity to find some souvenirs or buy new clothes. In Miltenberg there are short distances, owner-operated shops with friendly staff who wish to offer good advice and work hard to keep their customers satisfied. Many shops also ship their goods abroad to save their customers the trouble of carrying everything around in all of Europe.

As an additional bonus the pedestrian area is located right in the gorgeous old city centre.

Guided Tours of the Brewery

Visit the brewery and find out what makes the Faust beer specialties so unique. Sample different types of beer, find some souvenirs in the Faust Brewery Shop and have a good time in the Schwarzviertel (“Black Quarter”) of Miltenberg.

You can choose between several different tours. All tours are entertaining and interesting.

Guided tours of the brewery are also available in English.

Wine Tastings

What is the difference between pinot noir and pinot noir précoce? Between Riesling and Silvaner? What influence do soil, weather and vintner have on the quality of the wine?

A wine tasting is always entertaining and informative. You will learn a lot about the presented wines and their cultivation and aging. Many vintners and enotecas offer wine tastings for groups of different sizes.

Factory Tours and Workshops

Be it something sweet, something healthy or something alcoholic – some food processing companies offer interesting factory tours or presentations. The best about it: You can sample most products.

Some of these tours and presentations are also offered in English (the link, however, leads to a German site).

Monastery Kloster Engelberg

The monastery “Kloster Engelberg” is one of the most famous churches of pilgrimage in our region and always worth a visit. It can be reached by coach and it is accessible with wheelchairs and walking frames. There is a beautiful garden for meditation, a historically significant church, an impressive view and a rustic monastery inn.

It is also the ideal starting point for walks in the forest.

The link leads to a German site.