General terms and conditions for guided tours in Miltenberg

Size of the Groups
If not stated otherwise in the description of the tours, the size of the group is limited to 25 people. If this limit is exceeded, a surcharge of € 5.00 per additional person is charged. In this case the group size is limited to 30 people. Groups of children can have a head count of up to 15 children plus one or two chaperon(s).

Legal relationship
The Tourism Association DREI AM MAIN establishes contacts between guides and interested groups. Parties to the contract regarding a guided tour are the customer on one side and the guide on the other.

Please register in writing at least 10 days in advance. You will receive a written invoice (= confirmation) from DREI AM MAIN on behalf of the guide. The tour is only guaranteed as soon as you have the invoice / confirmation.

Form of Payment
The fee is payable at the beginning of the guided tour. Please pay the guide directly and in cash. If you wish to pay via bank transfer please say so at the time of the booking. In these cases, the guides’ fees must be on their bank accounts before the booked time of the tour. The customer pays all charges for international bank transfers, if applicable.

The tour can be cancelled free of charge until five days before the appointed time. In case of cancellation within 48 hours before the appointed time the cancellation fee equals 50 % of the fee. If the cancellation takes place less than 48 hours before the tour the cancellation fee is 100 %.

Waiting time / No-show fee
If the group is delayed up to 30 minutes the guide can charge an additional fee of 50 % of the regular fee. The guide waits for 30 minutes. After that the group is considered no-show and the guide is entitled to the full fee.


The customer does not need to pay any commission to DREI AM MAIN for establishing the contact to the guide. The commission is paid fully by the guide.

Illness of the guide
It is possible that a booked themed tour can not take place if the guide falls ill. In this case we will usually be able to offer the classic tour to the fee applicable at the time.