Museum Burg Miltenberg

For a long time the castle Mildenburg was only accessible for sightseeing from the outside. After extensive renovations the interior of the castle now houses another museum of the city of Miltenberg, exhibiting icons and contemporary art in an interesting juxtaposition. “The scenic view from the castle’s rooms and oriels allows the eye to prowl far over the town, the Main river valley and the heights of Spessart and Odenwald Forests. Similarly, the artworks in their contrasts and correlations invite the spectator to catch a glimpse across the boundaries of life and the physical world. The spiritual intentions of the artists to cross these boundaries become impulses for the visitors to broaden their view and to experience the unique dimension of this museum.”
In addition to Russian and Greek icons and Romanian reverse glass paintings of icons from the collection of Dr. Joachim und Marianne Nentwig, artworks from the collection of canon Dr. Jürgen Lenssen from the 20th and 21st century are presented. Among them are renowned artists such as Barlach, Beuys, Fräger, Lange, Lehnen, Morgner, Polke, Stötzer, Stoltz, and Willikens.