Miltenberg and its districts

Would you like to relax, enjoy some tranquillity or escape daily routine? Then our villages which lean against the pictorial rolling hills of the Odenwald, only a few kilometres outside of Miltenberg will feel just right.

Visit our villages in the Odenwald forest!

Berndiel, approximately 9km away from Miltenberg, is one of these tiny, picturesque villages, up in the rolling hills of Miltenberg. There you can experience nature, relax and recuperate. Breitendiel is the only district not located on the hills. Following the Mud, a side valley of The Main River, a bike trail, heading from Miltenberg to Amorbach, leads you through Breitendiel.
Skydivers, glider pilots and hikers are best cared for in Mainbullau. Not far from there you can also find the so called Heunesäulen. (Special bunter columns made for the Mainz Cathedral). Monbrunn may well be the most remote place around here, with lots of farms and direct marketers.
Schippach and Wenschdorf are the biggest villages, perfect for starting hikes but also praised as arrival points for their wonderful local cuisine and village taverns which tempt you to come in and enjoy a meal or maybe just a drink.