A special feature, centred in Kleinheubach, is the so called „Hecke“, a big green area with a variety of small and big gardens where little paths meander. The rows of houses are characterized by historic development: Half-timbered houses alternate with sand stone facades, classic style houses and “Franconian Hofreiten” (a special farm building you find in this area, where house, workplace and stable might be under the same roof). Absolutely worth visiting are the Lutheran baroque church with its carved sandstone relief above the mighty entrance portal and the city hall across the street.

Drop in to the Vinothek Fürst Löwenstein and taste and buy some excellent wine.

In Kleinheubach there is also the baroque palace of Count Löwenstein. It was built in 1725 by Louis Remy de la Fosse, one of the Versailles architects, headed by Johann Dientzenhofer and emits French elegance and southern beauty. Surrounded by 17 hectares of an English-style park with a magnificent stock of trees, it is a haven of peace and culture.

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