Miltenberg – The Pearl Of The Main River

Documented for the first time in 1237, the city looks back on a lively past. Viniculture, wine trade, river traffic and fishery, as well as wood and stone industries were the most important growth engines of trade and craft. The favourable location at the old trading artery Nuremberg – Frankfurt and the staple right very early led Miltenberg into economic flowering periods. During the early 19th century the city suffered the loss of being the top quality location of the Electoral State of Mainz and as a result found itself unfortunately situated on the brink of the Kingdom of Bavaria. The major phases of urban development were history and hence the medieval townscape was preserved to this day.

The most beautiful half-timbered houses are found in Miltenberg – The Pearl of the Main River!

Nowadays the beholder recognizes Miltenberg‘s previous importance through its magnificent half-timbered houses, e.g. at the Old Market Place, better known as „Schnatterloch“ – or looking at the „Gasthaus zum Riesen“ (The Giant), Germany’s oldest royal inn. The „Schwarzviertel” (Black Quarter), the oldest part of town, nestles between the Main River and the mountain Greinberg. It proves to be the perfect setting for spooky stories and scary legends, which you can enjoy during one of our city tours. Our two museums, the „Museum.Stadt. Miltenberg“ which was awarded the 1999 Bavarian Museums‘ Award and the „Museum.Burg.Miltenberg“, which received a promotional award in 2012 from the cultural foundation of Lower Franconia, are absolutely worth a visit.

If you follow this link, you can download a small map with the most important sights. You will also find a short description of some sights – to read online.